In PATHS OF LIFE, three people look back on their lives and give insights into how they have dealt with life crises and what visi­ons they have deve­lo­ped from them. At the same time, through the story of Perci­val, a philo­so­pher, artist and thera­pist shows drug addic­ted teen­agers a symbo­lic way out of fail­ure into life in order to come back into reso­nance with them­sel­ves and the world.

Marcus Pan, Perma­cul­ture Desi­gner, A/CH
Aviva Gold, Art Thera­pist, USA
Alex­an­der Lauter­was­ser, Philo­so­pher, Artist, Thera­pist, D
Sólveig Katrín Jóns­dót­tir, Nature Coach, IS

“The privi­lege of a life­time is being who you are.
Joseph Camp­bell