Alexander Lauterwasser

Alex­an­der Lauter­was­ser
Philo­so­pher, Artist, Thera­pist, D

Alex­an­der Lauter­was­ser, 65, rese­ar­ches reso­nance as a philo­so­pher and artist and crea­tes impres­sive water sound images in his labo­ra­tory that have brought him wide inter­na­tio­nal reco­gni­tion. At the same time he works as a thera­pist with young drug pati­ents. He draws on his exten­sive know­ledge of lite­ra­ture, art and philo­so­phy. Using images, he inspi­res young pati­ents to disco­ver how the suppo­sed fail­ure can be turned into a path to perso­nal deve­lo­p­ment. By telling the story of Perci­val, Alex­an­der Lauter­was­ser enab­les the pati­ents to iden­tify with the young Perci­val and encou­ra­ges them to come back into reso­nance with them­sel­ves and the world.

“With reso­nance, the important thing is that the other medium is able to reso­nate, it has to be able to resonate.”