Aviva Gold

Aviva Gold
Art Thera­pist, USA

Aviva Gold, 80, deve­lo­ped the method “Pain­ting from the Source” after a serious perso­nal crisis as a way to regain access to her own crea­tive power. Today she encou­ra­ges others to embark on what Joseph Camp­bell calls the “Hero’s Jour­ney” in the process of trans­for­ma­tion – pain­ting a picture. This pain­ting allows the pain­ters a deep expe­ri­ence in the realm of the uncon­scious and makes them aware of the valu­able power that lies in their wounds. In times of tran­si­tion and change, pain­ters explore their life dreams and review their life direc­tion, trusting their crea­ti­vity.


“Just looking around I could see that women needed to have more power. And that somehow I was going to behave as if I had power.”

Disco­ver the source of crea­ti­vity

From 23 to 28 August 2020, Aviva Gold offers a „Pain­ting from the Source“ semi­nar in the Schwei­ben­alp Center of Unity, Brienz (Switz­er­land) and invi­tes its parti­ci­pants to disco­ver their bound­less crea­ti­vity slum­be­ring within them.
No artis­tic know­ledge is requi­red to parti­ci­pate in the semi­nar.

Flyer (PDF, 1,8 MB)