Frac­tures in their biogra­phies, and their hand­ling of life crises connect the lives of Aviva Gold (USA), Marcus Pan (A/CH) and Sólveig Katrín Jóns­dót­tir (IS). Their crises gave them the oppor­tu­nity to leave the fami­liar behind them and take unknown paths. Today they invite others to follow their call and share what they have found on their “paths of life”. While Marcus Pan, Aviva Gold and Sólveig Jóns­dót­tir guide to concrete action, the philo­so­pher, artist and thera­pist Alex­an­der Lauter­was­ser (D) uses univer­sal images from lite­ra­ture and art to show young drug pati­ents ways to reco­gnize oppor­tu­nities in suppo­sed failure.