Script, Direction, Photography   Thomas Luechinger
Editing   Franziska Schlienger, Amaury Berger, Samuel Kellenberger, Thomas Luechinger
Sound   Samuel Kellenberger, Werner Graf
Production Management   Catherine De Clercq
Color Grading   REDSPACE AG, Rolf Lang
Sound Design and Mix   Ephrem Luechinger, Manuel Rindlisbacher
Score   Ephrem Luechinger, Manuel Rindlisbacher

Alexander Lauterwasser
Aviva Gold
Marcus Pan
Sólveig Katrín Jónsdóttir

Production & Release

Production   roses for you film, Switzerland, 2020
Coproduction   Swiss Radio and Television
Production period   2017–2019
Original version   English/German/Icelandic
Format   16:9, color, surround 5.1
Runtime   84 min.
Genre   Documentary
SUISA-No.   1013.872
ISAN   0000-0004-B8D6-0000-Q-0000-0000-X
Cinematic premiere   Spring 2020 (Switzerland)

The production of the film was supported by

Swiss Radio and Television
Canton St. Gallen, Funding and Cultural Promotion / Swisslos
Canton Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Funding and Cultural Promotion
Richi Foundation
Ernst Goehner Foundation
Lienhard Foundation
Bertold Suhner Foundation
Steinegg Foundation
Hans and Wilma Stutz Foundation


roses for you film
Thomas Luechinger
Luetiswiesstrasse 821
9062 Lustmuehle